Making Recovery a Reality

Our Mission Statement

Family Recovery Center is dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective, holistic services addressing chemical addiction, mental health disorders and other health care needs to promote community wellness.

Our Philosophy

Participants Working Together

The Family Recovery Center views chemical and behavioral addictions as illnesses that affect the individual, family members, and other concerned persons on a multitude of levels, including physical, psychological, interpersonal, spiritual and financial.

The Family Recovery Center recognizes the co-existence of addiction and mental health illness in adults, as well as adolescents, is a problem as a condition of a portion of the clientele, requiring a multi-disciplinary staff and holistic approach to treatment.

The Family Recovery Center aspires to client outcomes of sobriety, defined as an absence of alcohol/drug consumption, and a total lifestyle of optimal function on all possible levels. Family Recovery Center promotes an abstinence based approach in treating chemically dependent clientele.

The Family Recovery Center views the chemically dependent/abusive person as inextricable from his or her particular environment and provides treatment that takes into regard the entire familial, social and vocational field within which the client functions.

The Family Recovery Center believes that chemical abuse/dependency is a preventable condition requiring a multi-disciplinary approach with all segments of the population.

Our Purpose

The Family Recovery Center was founded to reduce the incidence and prevalence of chemical dependency and behavioral problems in Columbiana and Jefferson counties and surrounding areas by:

  1. Ensuring the availability of comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services to persons and significant others affected, and
  2. Educating and involving the community in the prevention of all forms of chemical abuse and dependency.

Because these issues often coexist with mental health issues, the agency expanded its services to include individuals with various mental illness diagnoses.

Long-term sobriety requires ongoing, multi-disciplinary treatment and a strong support network. Family Recovery Center provides care and support through powerful, convenient programs that help clients learn to fully integrate recovery in their day-to-day lifestyle.

Clinical services are available for adults, adolescents and children experiencing symptoms due to alcohol/drug use/abuse, effects of another’s use, and/or mental health issues.

Prevention services are primary (directed to youth before they are involved in substance use/abuse) and early intervention (directed to youth who are experimenting, using and abusing substances).