Drug-Free Workplace

Drug Free Workplace Solutions

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimates that nearly 75% of all illicit drug users and most heavy alcohol users are employed full or part time. This situation results in major costs to businesses as they try to recruit and keep competent employees. Absenteeism, lower productivity, higher workers’ compensation costs, more accidents, and employee theft all cause significant costs to a business. American business loses up to $100 billion a year, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Substance use problems have surfaced as employers report an increase in the number of job applicants who have failed pre-employment drug tests. Even pre-employment testing isn’t enough. Job seekers often "clean up" long enough to pass these tests but continue to use substances after they are hired.

The Drug-Free Workplace Solutions Program (DFWSP) offered by Family Recovery Center in Lisbon is a regional solution for businesses. Solutions include:

  • Employee & supervisor training
  • Pre-employment & random drug screens
  • Counseling services for employees in recovery
  • Employee Assistance Programs

Drug and alcohol screens can be provided at Family Recovery Center's Lisbon office or at an employer’s business site. Family Recovery Center has 43 years of professional substance abuse assessment and treatment experience, and services are approved by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation. Participating in a Drug-Free Safety Program can lead to a discount in your workers’ compensation premiums.

The most effective drug-free safety programs are comprehensive approaches. Call 330-424-1468 to find out how Drug-Free Workplace Solutions can be a part of your business solution.

Drugs in the workplace can cost you money