Outpatient Treatment

Clinical services are available for adults, adolescents and children experiencing symptoms due to alcohol/drug use/abuse, effects of another’s use, and/or mental health issues.

When an individual makes that first call to Family Recovery for help, he or she will be asked a number of demographic questions and offered an appointment for assessment, usually the same or next day. At the time of that appointment, a licensed counselor will perform a comprehensive assessment to determine the client’s needs and level of care to be provided. A treatment plan will be created with the client.  And the client will be scheduled for services as needed.

 Outpatient Treatment Support Group Outpatient Treatment Session

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

  • For drug and/or alcohol-addicted clients
  • Required for clients who are in the Opioid Treatment Program
  • 30 sessions (three-hour sessions, three times a week)

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Substance Abuse Treatment Program (SATP)

  • For clients who need level 1A treatment or clients who are court ordered to treatment
  • 18 sessions

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Individual Counseling

  • For all clients who would benefit from one-to-one contact.
  • During regular office hours, after hours and Saturdays as scheduled
  • One hour sessions as agreed to by counselor and client

Group Education

  • Low Intensity Group
  • Skill development groups - as need dictates.
  • Topics include parenting, nutrition, money management, etc.

Group Treatment

Relapse Prevention Group

  • For clients who have completed SATP Group or whose assessments indicated that they have some sobriety and need help in maintaining that sobriety
  • Twelve sessions


  • For women who have successfully completed IOP and still need a lower level of treatment
  • Ten sessions

Multiple Offense Prevention

  • For clients with have legal charges and/or dependency diagnosis, who have been referred to treatment by probation officers or courts, who have treatment in lieu of conviction agreements, or who upon completion of assessment are found to have a dependency on a chemical substance.
  • Twenty sessions twice a week for 10 weeks. Upon completion, client will be referred to Relapse Prevention groups.

Why Can’t You Quit?

  • For family and friends of the substance-abusing client
  • Meets monthly

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Recovery Over Abusive Relationships (ROAR)

  • For clients with anger management, relationship or domestic violence issues
  • Twelve sessions

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Incredible Years Parenting Program

  • For male and female parents who have been court ordered to attend parenting classes, for Job and Family Services clients who have parenting classes as part of their case plan, and for parents who want training to help them be a better parent.
  • Twelve sessions.

The Edge

  • For youth ages 13-17 who have been referred by schools or parents for drug abuse
  • Twelve sessions

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Women’s Group at Columbiana County Jail

  • For incarcerated females
  • For as long as incarceration lasts and the client chooses to attend.

Stop Marijuana, Avoid Risk Taking (SMART)

  • A weekly, low-intensity group
  • Covering the risks of several substances, including marijuana, opiates, alcohol, tobacco, spice and bath salts
  • Also covers addiction, overdose and the legal consequences.

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Driver Intervention Programs

Steering Clear

  • A 72 hour residential education program that covers all aspects chemical abuse and dependency, including the nature of the disease, effects on the individual and family, defenses, consequences. The session ends with an assessment. This is offered to first-time OVI offenders in lieu of jail time. A letter is send back to the referring judge, and includes recommendations, if any, to pursue.

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Remedial Driving

  • An 8 hour defensive driving class that will either reduce or credit 2 points on a driver's license.