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Intimate partner violence can happen in any relationship. Physical intimacy is not required. A CDC report says sexual violence, intimate partner violence and stalking “can lead to serious short and long-term consequences including physical injury, poor mental health, and chronic physical health problems. For some persons, violence victimization results in hospitalization, disability or death. Furthermore, previous research indicates that victimization as a child or adolescent increases the likelihood that victimization will reoccur in adulthood.”

She said the wrong thing.

You might not be able to understand why anyone would want to take their own life.

The babyboomer generation and the generation preceding the boomers can remember the prosperity of post World War II through the mid-1970s. They recall the Economic Malaise of circa 1980 that pitched many families into poverty, seemingly overnight. The steel mills padlocked their doors. Such a sad thing for the families which relied on the mills for providing for their needs and luxuries they came to enjoy and suddenly couldn’t pay their bills or hold onto the things they had worked all of their lives to accumulate. But the domestic steel industry just couldn’t compete with imported steel from Japan.

Everyone needs help sometime. When someone isn’t well, that person desires that the people around them will have a good understanding about what is going on. The person feels very fortunate when there is encouragement and support when they struggle to recover from their ailment, their surgery, their physical challenges. Some people deny having mental health struggles, though, because they don’t want others to know, to not understand, to judge harshly or tell them just to get over their issues because everyone has them.

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