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How sympathetic are you to another person’s suffering? Do you ever find yourself wanting to help someone with their troubles because maybe you have had troubles and someone was there for you? Or maybe you hate to see someone suffering if there is something you can do to make things at least a little better for them. It seems that compassion is one thing of which there just isn’t enough. Compassion is “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.”

Overheard: “The ‘Me’ Generation doesn’t know anything about the ‘We’ Generation.” The statement begs understanding.

If you live on the main drag of your community, you become aware of the number of times and the hours of the day – and night – when sirens scream past your house: police, fire, and ambulances. You may say to yourself, “Must be a crash. I hope nobody got hurt. I hope it’s nobody I know.”

Surfing the net, chatting with friends around the world – friends you might never have met if not for the Internet, Facebook and other social media, is a lot of fun. You’ll even see or hear people admit they are addicted to it. But, like anything else of an entertaining nature, too much can cause a lot of trouble.

The Internet is a double-edged sword. There is ready access to good and bad information, good and bad social interaction, and good and bad behaviors. Not everyone is savvy enough to think past the impulsive moment when sharing something with others. And it’s been a difficult lesson for some people to learn.

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