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So far this spring, the temperatures have been pretty much comfortable, but with summer just ahead, what’s in store for you? How will the weather conditions affect you and your family?

The tongue is a double-edged sword. Gossip is hurtful, and its cousin, Stigma, is, too. And both are disrespectful. Everyone is subject to their moments. Humans err. But we can make things better, too.

There are some discouraging days in everyone’s life. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is sitting right there on your shoulders and there isn’t one thing you can do about it. You don’t have the energy to pick yourself up, the stamina to keep yourself going, the determination to turn everything around and find the hope that seems to have slipped from sight. You feel like there just isn’t any point to doing anything.

Melba stepped on the scales and frowned. She had been fighting the same 10 pounds for a long time. Lose them. Gain them back. Her knees hurt when she went up and down stairs. Her feet hurt when she walked or stood in one place for too long. She hated that she was getting old. What a depressing thought!

Often, when a woman learns she is pregnant there is excitement and great joy to share this wondrous news with family and friends and track the stages of growth of the baby as time passes. As the last weeks of pregnancy wind down time seems to slow. There are backaches, swollen ankles and you can’t see your feet anymore. You just want the baby to get here so you can sleep comfortably, eat without having heart burn, and to see those feet.

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