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Melba and Reggie occasionally talk about things without getting angry with each other. But sometimes Melba’s patience wears thin. That man just seemed to have a special way of yanking on her rip cord.

March is National Healthy Nutrition Month. Good nutrition is important to your physical and mental well being for everyone.

Is buying a lottery ticket every week gambling? Lottery tickets are gambling. What makes it a problem is when you aren’t winning so you spend more and more money trying to win back what you’ve lost. It’s a problem when you don’t have money to pay the rent or house payment, the utility bills and other obligations, buy groceries and other things you and your family need. It’s a problem when all you can think about is gambling and nothing – and no one – else and it consumes your life.

Melba and Reggie got into the car. She was driving today. They chatted as they started out on their shopping trip. She sped up the ramp to the freeway, gaining speed as they went. Reggie spoke up.

Eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice, advises the National Institute of Mental Health. Having an eating disorder often goes hand-in-hand with some other problem, such as anxiety disorders, depression or substance abuse. Perfectionism and frail self-esteem are struggles. A strong support team is important for the person who is struggling for control.

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