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To be addicted means to be dependent on a particular substance and unable to stop taking it without incurring adverse effects. By now, many people know that, no matter how good food can be, for too many people, food is the enemy. Eating disorders are the most difficult to treat. They are the deadliest mental health disorders.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a day recognized as one of love. A lot of people are spending a lot of money to celebrate their deep affection for special persons in their lives with heart-shaped boxes of candy, flowers and, for a lot of them, engagement rings. How is a healthy relationship defined?

The American family is changing, confirms the Pew Research Center (PRC). More American adults than ever before have never married. Households with two parents are decreasing. Divorce, marriage and cohabitation are increasing. The roles of mothers and fathers are growing more equal as both parents work outside the home. And one in six children are now a part of blended families.

Do you think everyone has a bad habit or two, some much worse than others? Probably so. Bad habits provide short term pleasure and are a challenge to lose. You have to be aware of the offending habits so you can conscientiously work at replacing them with good habits.

A deadly mix


Do you depend on a drug of your choice? Do you know what’s in your drug of choice? Do you think you can trust your dealer to be concerned about you – to care about you beyond your fistful of dollars?

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