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There are enough health dragons out there that may be beyond your control. You need to be alert, aware and proactive about those things that you can do something about your health. Today we’re going to talk about hepatitis, particularly Hepatitis A.




Molly planted her feet on the bottom of the public pool. The water came up to her shoulders, about four feet deep. She wiped the water from her eyes, squinting in the bright sunlight of early afternoon. Other swimmers were splashing and squealing around her. She didn’t notice anyone coming up behind her. She wasn’t aware of anyone until hands grabbed her, pushed her underwater and held her there. She gasped a deep breath of air as her head slid under the water. She kicked and fought to get free of the hands that wouldn’t let go, wouldn’t let her rise up for air. Her heart pounded. She was going to die! Didn’t the lifeguard or anyone else see what was happening? Why wasn’t someone helping her? Why was someone doing this to her?

Heat wave!


At the top of your summer safety list: Do not leave anyone – children (including sleeping children), adults or pets – in a parked car. Be alert to the signs of heat-related illness and know what to do if the need arises.

Opioid misuse and pregnancy As families continue to struggle over opioid misuse by loved ones, there is another pertinent fact that may have been overlooked by the public at large: Opioid misuse by women who are pregnant. Critical judgments may make you feel like you’re getting your point across, but are those remarks encouraging treatment and recovery?

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