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Adulting is a challenge sometimes, and is particularly difficult when your personal resources are running low or you are proceeding on fumes at the bottom of your reservoir. End of life is difficult. It’s as much about living as the beginning of a life. End of life is a trial as you watch a loved one make their way along their last journey. You can prepare for it, but the emotional impact will still affect you.

“Be Nice.” These words follow me on a daily basis. They were the words my mother spoke to me on a regular basis. I imagine this was probably a daily reminder, especially since I was an obstreperous teenager.

The “golden years” often are not so golden. Physical agility and energy are not what they used to be. Health issues related to aging arise for many elders. Unfortunately, the problem of elder abuse also is rising. As we move into May, Older Americans Month, we look at elder abuse.

One in every 68 children in America has an autism diagnosis. One in six children aged 3 to 17 has a developmental disability. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability. Every person is different, affected at varying degrees, advises the CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.) The CDC explains that autism causes “significant social, communication and behavioral changes.” What does that all mean?

As the opioid overdose epidemic continues to be fought by first responders who are on the front line and the agencies working in the background, people still criticize use of Narcan to prevent death from overdose. One of the reasons cited is that it is costly. But the problem is huge enough that the U.S. Surgeon General issued a statement earlier this month emphasizing the importance of more people knowing how to use Naloxone and keeping it within reach to save a life.

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