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Teen dating violence is a serious problem in this country. According to a national survey 10 percent of teens, female and male, were victims of physical dating violence over the past year and 29 percent of adolescents were verbally or psychologically abused. Children grow up in the environment provided by parents and extended families. They live what they learn there. Parents are obligated to teach their children how to have healthy relationships that last.

What do you think about yourself? Take a look at those things. Are they positive or negative? Why? How you think about yourself has everything to do with how you live. The power of positive thinking can take you to positive places. Let’s take a look.

Being a mom is not always something a woman chooses. Some sources say half of pregnancies are unplanned. The job is demanding, exhausting, requires nerves of steel, the patience of Job, and giving more when you feel your resources are depleted. But, it can be the most rewarding job you will ever do.

Valentine’s Day is Wednesday. It also is Celebrate Singles Day. One billion Valentines will be exchanged, 220,000 marriage proposals will be made, and 73 percent of the people who will buy roses are men, according to information shared on the world wide web.

Last summer a farmer told a city girl that, by all the signs of nature, there wasn’t going to be a harsh winter. Woolly worms were brown in the middle and black at each end or only brown, or a combination of the colors that suggested a mild winter. Since just before Christmas it has been frigid with a few warm days sprinkled in, just enough mild days to set in motion a craving for spring with winter well behind.

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