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Do you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women? That one American dies from cardiovascular disease every 40 seconds? One woman dies about every 80 seconds. What effect does this loss have on American families? What can everyone do to reduce the number of deaths due to heart disease?

Every 51 minutes someone is killed in an impaired driving crash, says the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That comes out to about 10,000 people who die every year because of drivers who used alcohol or other substance before they got behind the wheel of a car to drive because they “probably are OK.” But “probably OK” is not good enough. When in doubt, don’t.

The neighborhood was not as close-knit as the one Sara had grown up in. Everyone just kept to themselves here for the most part. At least that’s how it seemed to Sara. She took on some of the blame for that. She had attempted to be “neighborly” but this seemed to be a transient kind of place with people moving in and moving on all the time. She had been advised that there were people of questionable repute around them and it wasn’t safe for her to go walking alone after dark. Here? Here in her hometown?

Sometimes it’s just a case of “the blues,” a brief period of sadness that holds you down. But in a few days you are your usual chipper self. Depression is something different. Depression is a mood disorder, very common, but also serious. When you are depressed, the symptoms affect everything about you, how you think, what you feel, how you sleep (or don’t), whether you eat (too much of too little), your job. If your “blues” last longer than two weeks, something more than “the blues” is going on and you should consider talking to someone who is trustworthy and your health care professional.

Healing a family


Hardship and loss are huge challenges for a family. Parents who have to work many hours to provide for the family, taking them away too long … Someone in the family with mental health issues that affect everyone in the household … Rebellious teenagers trying to find their ways in a world they don’t understand … Not enough of anything in the way of resources to meet the physical and emotional needs of each family member. Too much conflict. Too little reason to feel peace in a home filled with turmoil.

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