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Do you recall your family traditions from the years when you were a child? Times were different then, compared to today, and it seems that a lot of traditions have been lost along the way. But traditions have great value. People are connected in many ways, among which are the memories of things shared, hopefully good memories that warm your heart at any time, but particularly this time of year. If you haven’t thought of those things, maybe you will want to employ and share those memories, your roots, with the children in your family this year.

What was she afraid of?

There is no doubt that the drug culture is a public health problem in Columbiana County. Read the newspaper headlines and follow the busts of even prominent people who are involved in the use and distribution of dangerous drugs, here, in Columbiana County. If you, as a parent, still think your child is not at risk, please, please take another look and be proactive in the lives of your children and what is in their best interests. Will it be what they think they want? What we want and what we need are not always the same things.

It is no secret that access to treatment for substance abuse is not readily available for everyone that needs it.There just isn’t enough available help and if you are dealing with addiction – yourself or someone you love and care about – you may not know where to go or how to find what you need. There are agencies that can help to get your feet on solid ground.

Problem gamblers have a difficult time admitting that they have problems with gambling. Thus, it takes a little time to get them hooked up with the help they need to take back their lives and heal.

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